When is it safe do come out of isolation?

The Government has reduced the initial period of isolation from 14 day down to 10 days based on medical research. For more information on why this is, please see the following article on the SA Coronavirus website:

If you do not feel comfortable returning to skating OR do not feel well (regardless of symptoms) please rather remain at home until such time that you feel safe to return. Safety first!

For any queries or concerns, or to report any breaches of protocol, please contact one or all of the following:

  • Nicholas Walker (
  • Burchell Kock (
  • Dawn vd Riet (
  • Shern Allely (

(REMEMBER that you must still complete the DAILY COVID FORMS for Grand West, the Ice Station and SAFSA on each day that you go to the rink.)

IMPORTANT: as per the initial screening form that was completed prior to the first resumption of skating, you are reminded of the following paragraph:

I agree that, should I become ill (for ANY reason) that I will inform the COVID-19 Officer and my coach (if applicable) and that I will not return to the rink until I am fit to do so. I also agree that should It be requested of me, that I will supply proof of my fitness by a qualified medical professional and/or any additional motivation before being allowed to return to the Rink.

For the full form, please see Initial Screening Questionnaire for SAFSA (WP)

While SAFSA can monitor and impliment protocols within the confines of the Ice Station, we are unable to monitor and police every person outside of this venue. We trust that everyone will follow strict measures to prevent infection and we rely on parents and coaches to set an example. We need everyone to work together and take responsibilty for their own actions outside of the Ice Rink. Please assist us in keeping our athletes and coaches (and their families) safe and to ensure that we do not have to further restrict, or shut down the sport. Our skaters need to skate and our coaches need to earn a living. Let us all do our part to keep things running smoothly.

The protocols below need to be followed at ALL TIMES. Please take responsibility for yourselves and ensure that you are adhering to these:

Athletes, Coaches & Support Staff:

Interim procedures for opening of practices:

  1. All skaters will receive an Initial Screening Document which must be completed and returned to SAFSA. 
  2. All skaters, coaches and accompanying parents to complete the Grand West daily form in order to be able to enter the Grand West complex. All forms located HERE
  3. All skaters, coaches and support staff to complete the above AS WELL AS the Ice Station and SAFSA forms. All forms located HERE
  4. Enter at the front entrance of GW is now subject to a fee – MVG cards can be obtained from Sun International which will allow free parking – Please visit the Sun International MVG lounge to apply.
  5. Proceed to mini rink boot hire which is being used for rink screening – follow markings around the mini THE RINK. DO NOT CLIMB OVER BARRIERS!
  6. Skaters and coaches to ensure that they have been screened and given access by rink staff. If no rink staff are present PLEASE INFORM YOUR COACH!
  7. NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED INTO THE ICE RINK. Parents can remain in the food court, but are NOT TO MOVE TABLES AND CHAIRS around as these have been measured off for social distancing – ALSO please be mindful of those guests needing a seat to eat. Parents to ensure that they practice social distancing.
  8. Parents are now allowed to use the upstairs function room provided that they screen at the mini-rink prior. Beverages are on sale and the area will be continuously sanitised. Please see HERE for the protocols to be followed in the function room.
  9. Rink staff on duty to perform sanitizing procedures throughout this training period
  10. Skaters to proceed to platforms as directed by your coach and maintain the demarcated distance between each other at all times. DO NOT MOVE CHAIRS
  11. Skaters not to share any food, drink or equipment and to remain socially distant AT ALL TIMES when inside the Ice Station.
  12. Warm up areas as directed by your coach off ice. When warming up off-ice, skaters to remain within the recommended 1.5m social distancing.
  13. Patch fees: R50 per patch. This must be paid in advance per EFT. Reference: PATCH and surname and initials of the skater. Should there be no record of payment, skaters will not be permitted into the ice rink. POP to be sent to
  14. Skaters to sanitize their hands before entering the ice
  15. Coaches to use sanitizing station (4)
  16. Both entrance and exit doors to be opened and remain open (no contact with door handles) – NO ENTERING THE RINK THROUGH THE EXIT DOOR!
  17. Everyone is required to wear a mask or buff at all times. Skaters may remove these while on the ice but must keep a buff or mask on their person at all times. Skaters and coaches to ensure masks/buffs are worn when closer proximity is required during lessons.
  18. Skaters to enter and exit the ice rink wearing a mask/buff. These may only be removed during on-ice training as per above.

 IMPORTANT: ANY skater, coach or person living in the same household that tests positive for COVID-19 MUST immediately self isolate and report their result to the COVID officer. If you are unsure of your status or are awaiting results of a test, assume that you are positive until proven otherwise.

The following procedure to be followed:

The athlete, coach or support staff may not enter the facility.  The COVID – 19 representative to contact the COVID-19 hotline 0800 029 999 for instruction. If symptoms occur at the rink, the person will immediately be placed in quarantine and the on-site Covid Officer will be contacted to assess. The person will then leave the venue and go into self-isolation or seek medical attention if required.


  • Wear a mask
  • Keep socially distant
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
  • Isolate immediately and inform the relevant people should you begin showing symptoms or test positive for Covid-19

If you need more information or are unclear on anything, please contact one of the people mentioned at the top of this page for assistance, or request that your coach seeks clarity.

For more information on COVID-19 please see the following: