29 December 2020

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Memo to Members – COVID 19

Dear Members,

As you now know, our community has been struck with an outbreak of COVID 19, resulting in the
closure of both training bubbles for the required 10-14 day period.

What must be noted is that the WP Figure Skating Association only has jurisdiction of what happens
within the confines of the Ice rink during allocated training sessions to mitigate the risks of COVID

To this end, the two bubbles were formed in an attempt to avoid total shutdown as has now

While every effort has been made with communications per Team App, to keep all informed of the
current changes to the legislation and required Social distancing and sanitizing, and WP having all
the Covid requirements in place – signing in procedures, wearing of masks off the ice, providing of
hand sanitizers and sanitizing of the area after each practice session, it is impossible to monitor
every persons behavior and movement outside of the rink. We urgently ask for the cooperation of all
skaters, coaches and parents in this regard.

We also have to adhere to the GrandWest rules being a tenant under the same roof while skaters
are in the ice rink.
Numbers have been published in Team App as to how many have been infected, but without names
due to medical privacy regulations.

It is compulsory for skaters/coaches and anyone in that household to report their positive test OR
symptoms to the WP Covid officer – non-compliance will result in strict disciplinary action which will
include a ban after your isolation period.
Once a positive case has been reported to our Covid Officer, this is updated and everyone present at
the time of such occurrence is informed, utilizing the sports data form completed by each skater.

The responsibility of self governance must be observed and parents must educate their children
accordingly to make them aware of all the dangers that this virus presents and to strictly observe the
quarantine regulations as it is impossible for us to do so outside of the ice rink.

The practice groups (within own bubbles) may return to the ice on; ( times to be advised)

  • Yellow group: Wednesday 30th December 2020
  • Green group: Saturday 2nd January 2020

These refer to only those who have completed the required quarantine period, and as per the CDC
a) 10 days since symptoms first appeared and,
b) 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications
c) (loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay
the end of isolation )

However coaches are to limit their numbers to 16 per hour being 8 per platform within their group

Off ice / ballet training for now is restricted to within the relevant colour groups and no cross
training allowed – lessons so affected can be done per Zoom for minimal interruption.

Please only return if you have met the requirements regarding symptoms etc. and if you feel
comfortable to do so. At the end of the day, while all precautions are taken inside of the rink, there
remains a certain element of risk. As not everyone’s health and home circumstances are the same, if
you do not feel comfortable returning, please do not feel pressured into doing so just because you
are allowed to.
This applies to skaters AND coaches. SAFSA (WP) supports anyone who, for safety reasons, wishes to
remain off for longer than the prescribed time. Your health and the health of your family is

All return to skating protocols posted on the website to be strictly observed.
In conclusion, SAFSA WP will ensure all Covid protocols are in place within the rink to protect our
skaters, but each athlete/coach needs to take personal responsibility for their own safety at the end
of the day.

The signing in forms will be altered. – All the forms must be completed accurately as becomes a
legal document and action will be taken if not done –
Updates to any procedures will be communicated via TeamApp, the website (wpfigureskating.co.za)
and via the coaches. Please ensure that you are up to date with any changes.
Please keep safe and adhere to the Government rules for the safety of all.

Kind regards,
Dawn van der Riet
Chairman SAFSA (WP)

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