The Ice Dance Classes have been scheduled and confirmed for August 2019.

They are as follows:

04/08/2019   Sun      20H00 – 21H30

06/08/2019   Tues    19H00 – 20H30

11/08/2019   Sun      20H00 – 21H30

13/08/2019   Tues    19H00 – 20H30

18/08/2019   Sun      20H00 – 21H30

20/08/2019   Tues    NO CLASS – MEDAL TEST

25/08/2019   Sun      20H00 – 21H30 

27/08/2019   Tues    19H00 – 20H30

We will send out reminders on the day via TeamApp. September will be finalised towards the end of August and notification will be sent out.

For any queries, please contact Nathan Bashkier ( or Brenda Smith ( casino