The ice rink has been given permission to open to the public today, with limited numbers and adjusted session times, along with the rest of the complex.

Unfortunately this does not mean Figure skating can resume as we have not yet had clearance from the Government on this.

SAFSA has submitted our application to the Minister of Sport  to commence training as a non contact sport and outlined our Covid-19 plan to ensure the safety of all our members

This entails entrance for our skaters only during specific practice times with no public present, along  with all the necessary Covid requirements.

In order not to jeopodize our application, please note that NO SAFSA WP  skaters may skate in ANY sessions under ANY circumstances, including social events during this time-period.

Any member found violating this requirement will face disciplinary procedures and will not be allowed onto SAFSA WP patch once permission obtained.

There will be a Covid register which needs completion before entry to the rink, so there will be a trail which tracks movement.

Please just be patient for a little longer to ensure that we can get going again with full authorization

Details will follow and your coach will keep you updated as soon as we hear from the Minister.

No clubs are allowed back until further notice.


Kind regards,

Dawn van der Riet

Chairman  SAFSA  WP. casino