The ISU have announced the following online training programs:

Join an online class hosted by top coaches, choreographers and other Figure Skating professionals from April 19 – 24, 2020

The ISU Centers of Excellence (CoE) are pleased to present, “Keep Training!” a series offering free training sessions, which will start with virtual Figure Skating off-ice training sessions and will continue at a later date with Speed Skating and Short Track sessions.

Each CoE will share its coaching expertise to encourage Skaters to keep on training whilst #StayHome and to connect with each other and get #UpAgain despite the current challenging times.

As of April 19, a number of ISU  CoEs will host the “Keep Training!” online training sessions with a range off-ice activities focusing on Figure Skating specific exercises, strength training or contemporary dance. Renowned Coaches and sports professionals from the participating CoEs have been selected to lead the sessions. These training sessions are suitable for Skaters of all levels. Sport amateurs and fitness enthusiasts can also follow the exercises with the awareness that no exercise should exceed their physical capacity.

These training sessions will be available on the Skating ISU Channel and all of them can be followed directly online on the Keep Training YouTube Playlist. If you cannot join the “Keep Training!” sessions live, you can watch and follow them at your own pace at home. More sessions covering all ISU Sports, including Speed Skating and Short Track can be expected soon.

The training sessions include:

For further details and the full schedule of these courses, please click here.

Click the links and join the exercises! Meanwhile, stay safe, stay fit and Keep Training! casino