Notice to Members:


Last year the ISU Development Commission identified a need for a coaching course focused on teaching the basics, and initiated a project whereby an esteemed International Coach was appointed to travel to different Countries to conduct this skating course which focused on basic skating, in our case, this was  Mr. Michael Webster.

We are fortunate to announce that there will be a 2nd such course in Cape Town as above.

This course is primarily aimed at the coaches and this is compulsory for all WP Coaches to attend all sessions

The on ice parts will be open to all our skaters as well, who are SAFSA WP members, solo, dance & Synchro.

Judges are also invited to observe.

There will be a charge of R380 per skater and coach for this course, which will run as follows:

Skaters will be divided into groups according to skills levels and will only need to be at the rink for their allotted time slots daily.    –    timetable to follow after due date.

On ice –   skaters and coaches:

Sunday 26th January 2020                     07:00- 09:30

10:00- 12:00

Monday 27th  January 2020                  13:00-14:00


Tuesday 28th January 2020                   13:00-14:00


Coaches / Judges:    Lecture room Seminars:

Sunday 26th January 2019                     12:00-16:00

All to kindly RSVP by 17th January 2019 to, completing name, surname , cell noemail address, current medal qualification (skills) and coaches name, on the attached RSVP form and also proof of payment

Bank :   ABSA 

Acc no  SAFSA  WP:   40 9053 6910 

Code:  632 005  

Ref: SurnameWEBSTER    


For queries, please contact your coach or Dawn ( casino