Nationals will be held at the Durban Ice Arena from 6-8 April 2020.

This event is by selection only, and entry forms can only be completed once the WP technical committee has announced the WP Team for this event.

This will take place after the final qualifying medal test on 3rd March, and the list will be circulated immediately thereafter.

Only then can these selected skaters use this procedure to enter this event, and will be required to do so prior to 8th March.

Where applicable, the selection list will include those skaters hoping to qualify at WP championships  on 8th March which is the final date to be able to do so.

Should this be unsuccessful, they will be removed from the list as not able to participate without the necessary qualifications.

This is unfortunately a very tight turn-around time, but we ask for your co-operation in getting the entries in prior to 8th March once the list has been published with further details.

No late entries will be accepted.

More information will follow as it becomes available.


For details on the event and to enter, please see the link below:


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