The last Saturday practice of 2021 was used by the skaters and coaches foe some much needed unwinding and fun. Skaters were also asked to donate gifts for those children less fortunate than themselves. Everyone had a good time and it was great to see everyone just having fun together.

Caryn Maart (Left) and Lisa Stigant (Centre) handing over gifts to the Durbanville Children’s Home

Gifts and sweets were distributed to both the Durbanville Children’s Home as well as Nehemia House (below)

Two of the happy recipients at Nehemia House

A very big thank you to the skaters and, of course, the parents, who were able to donate for this worthy cause. Your small gestures have made a massive difference to those on the receiving end.

A very big thank you to Lisa Stigant who arranged this, and to all the coaches and skaters who were able to assist and contribute, both with the fun skate as well as the gifts. casino